Hotel Regulations

1. Hotel rooms are rented for the whole day.

2. Hotel day starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 12:00 pm of the following day.

3. Hotel guest can use the room without any additional payments from 08:00 am till 2:00 pm on the day of his arrival if the room is not occupied.

4. Request regarding extending the stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival should be reported until 10:00 am on the day when the rent expires. If possible, the hotel shall consider such extension.

5. Renting a room is related with check-in, based on guest’s identification document and payment for the period of stay.

6. Hotel guest cannot give his room to other person, even if the time he has rented the room has not expired yet.

7. Individual clients can make payments for their stay and gastronomic services with a credit card. When making wire payments, the hotel requests an order that specifies the scope of services, payment terms and authorization to issue a VAT invoice without a signature of the ordering party.

8. People visiting a hotel’s guest, who do not rent a room in the hotel, can stay in the guest’s room from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

9. When staying in the hotel, guests are obliged to be quiet from 10 pm to 6 am of the following day.

10. When leaving a room, guests are obliged to close it and leave the key at the reception desk.

11. For the direct contact with reception desk, please call 100 using the phone in your room.

12. The hotel is obliged to provide conditions for comfort stay, clean the room or perform repairs when a guest is out or at his presence if he wishes so, change bedclothes after maximum 3 days of guest’s stay and to change towels every day, immediately react to remarks regarding the level of services, functioning of devices, cleanliness and order in the hotel by taking prompt actions to remove technical and order defects, perform free of charge services related to deposits, wake up calls at a specified time, storing a luggage, informing about free rooms in other hotels.

13. Hotel is held responsible for loss or damages of items brought with a hotel guest within the scope specified by art. 846-849 of the Civil Code, unless the parties agreed otherwise.

14. Guest is obliged to immediately notify a reception desk employee about any damage, right after it has been spotted.

15. Responsibility of the hotel by virtue of loss or damage of cash or securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value is limited according to art. 849 of the Civil Code, if such items are not handed over for the hotel deposit.

16. Hotel reserves the right to refuse to take an item for deposit if such item is too expensive adequately to the hotel category or it cannot fit to the safe.

17. Hotel guest is materially responsible for any defects or damages of hotel equipment and technical devices caused by him or persons visiting him. After leaving the hotel, guest accepts a later charge of the credit card (applies to the credit card which was charged for stay for costs beard by the hotel).

18. If a person infringes the regulations, the hotel can refuse to perform services to such person. Such person is obliged to obey the hotel request or leave it immediately.

19. Items left by a guest in his room shall be sent to him at the address indicated. In absence of such request, the hotel shall keep the items for 3 months.

20. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the territory of the hotel.

21. Hotel guest is materially responsible for any defects or damages in the hotel caused by him or persons visiting him.

22. In case of theft or destruction of Hotel’s folder, Hotel will debit account on amount equivalent to its value i.e. 25€.



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